Same Sex Marriage – Women, Children and Religious Freedom?

Following last week’s Supreme Court neglect of responsibility which forced states against their will to redefine marriage into meaninglessness, the overwhelming response of the press has not been objective reporting but wild cheer leading, a celebration of equal rights, good for all Americans. Is that reality?

Today, I’m not going to dissect all these opinions, but rather refer you to thinkers and writers much wiser than I. All four articles below are found at Breakpoint  They are transcripts of the Breakpoint radio program and can be read or heard.

First I refer you to the late Chuck Colson’s insight, Judaism’s Sexual Revolution – Why Judaism Rejected Homosexuality. After you read this link, be sure to read the comment below it  Unbounded Sex is an equal-opportunity destroyer, posted by Ken Reighard.

Second, Colson’s legacy is being carried on by Eric Metaxas (biographer of Dietrich Bonhoeffer) and John Stonestreet. Check out Metaxas’s analysis, Supreme Inaction on Gay Marriage, What Now? that the legal challenge is not completely over, even though it is “the bottom of the ninth and we’re behind.”

Third, John Stonestreet addresses the double negative impact on religious liberty and doing good for children. The Jealous God of Tolerance – Gay Rights Trump Religious Rights Again?

Fourth, another Stonestreet commentary, The Unseen Pain behind ‘Gay Marriage” – Victims of ‘Happinesss’  For all the stories that compellingly describe gay couples and families, celebrating love and happiness, there is a long list of victims. Julie Darnelle’s story is heart breaking, but not rare. The human suffering caused by the supposed “right to sexual happiness,” will be multiplied by millions as America goes down this road.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court inaction last week, I posted What Next for the Church? Our Response to Same Sex Marriage.  Then on Sunday, October 12, in the last ten minutes of my sermon, I included points of application related to same sex marriage.  I am in an  expositional series in the letter of 1 John, available the Faith Church website under sermons.

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