Hijacking the Male Brain

Complementary to my earlier post, The Case Against Pornography, I commend the latest from AlbertMohler,com, How Pornography Works:  It Hijacks the Male Brain.  This is a book review of Wired for Intimacy  by William Struthers of Wheaton College.

Why such an emphasis on pornography?

I’ve seen the consuming devastation of it in men’s lives for decades, but in the past ten years, through the internet, with 24 hour access to hand held devices, it seems to be overwhelming the male population and making major inroads among women as well.

Morgan Bennett says that “current pornography use is around 87 percent for young adult males and 31 percent for young adult females, and roughly 50–60 percent of both genders find pornography use ‘acceptable’.”

Christians are not unaffected and the consequences for damaged relationships, broken marriages, general dysfunction, and alienation from God are incalculable. I’m simply sounding the alarm that accompanies a similar culture wide decline in the biblical times of the Judges.

Consider it, take counsel, and speak up! Judges 19:30 NASB 

 How will you battle this killer enemy?  How will you protect your children?  How will you defend the defenseless among us? Ostrich time must end!

One thought on “Hijacking the Male Brain

  1. I am fully convinced that for the male at least the principle sex organ is the mind. It is the mind that drives our sexual impulses which is why James says: “but each one is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it is conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.” James 1:14 & 15. It all starts with what we think. What we allow to influence our thinking. This is why that to live acceptable according to God’s will requires a transformation of the mind (Romans 12:1&2) Too many Christian men act as though that if we do the right things and practice the right disciplines it will transform us. The disciplines are only important to the degree that they shape our mind and our thinking.

    Biblical sexuality begins with a transformation of the mind this is why pornography is so destructive. It reshapes what we think and places us right into the domain of the devil. I believe the way to combat the damage done by sexual sin is to change how we think about our body and our connection to the imago Dei. Healthy sex takes place in the head before it gets into the bed.


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