Washed and Waiting – Wesley Hill

In the midst of all the angry rhetoric over Homosexuality and issues related to the GLBTQIA world, there have been plenty of unhelpful attitudes and false accusations on both sides. In the midst of these discussions, I am most concerned personally that we follow the model of Jesus, “full of grace and truth.”

I see many people compromising or abandoning the truth of Scripture.  But some of us are needing to repent and grow a ton on the grace side of things. Wherever you tend to err, don’t be a boomerang and leave one error to embrace the opposite error.

Those that may be the most marginalized in this discussion are sincere believers in Jesus Christ who deal with the curse of same sex attraction.  Whatever the cause, if a cause can even be identified, these are brothers and sisters who accept the Bible’s teaching about homosexuality, that homosexual behavior is forbidden, that they are committed to celibacy, thus not acting out their desires.  But for many, the desire is still there.  They may experience enough healing to successfully enter a heterosexual marriage.  For others, that has not been possible, and their only biblical option is celibacy.

One such person is Wesley Hill, whom I heard speak last winter at a conference.  I commend his book, Washed and Waiting, Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality. Zondervan, 2010  As with all resources I recommend, it is never an endorsement of all that is written or said.

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