Sex and Shellfish in Leviticus

(supplemental  to the current preaching series, Sex in a Broken World, from 1 Corinthians 5-7. Audio sermons are available here.)

Christopher Wright writes an excellent article in the July/August 2013 issue of Christianity Today, Learning to Love Leviticus.  Included is a very helpful sidebar, Sex in Leviticus. Wright is Right!

The arguments defending the acceptance of homosexuality seek to discount the key biblical passages through unique interpretation. One argument is that all the examples in the Bible are non-consensual, thus none apply to the discussion today of two committed homosexuals. That is easily dis-proven.  Only one (Judges 19), possibly two (Genesis 19, at least partially) fit that category.

Another common argument is that prohibitions in the Law against homosexuality are mingled with dietary laws, such as forbidding the eating of shellfish, and rules about mixing cloth, thus Leviticus is irrelevant to the discussion. Not so fast!  Rather than restate what Chris Wright has addressed so well, I’ll just send you right now to Sex in Leviticus.




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