It looks like Narnia out here!

Narnia's winterYes, it snowed last night in Indianapolis; two hour delay for Carmel schools, trees and bushes covered with clinging wet snow.  On my way to work, my 8 year old granddaughter, on her way to school, called from her mom’s iPhone with the excitement of a great discovery, “it looks like Narnia out here.”  In January, I  started to read C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia to Matti and her twin sister, Delia.But it wasn’t holding their interest, I was gone too much, and I couldn’t get them to come back for more.  Maybe we’ll try again later.

But my hope was renewed this morning with Matti’s call that maybe we can get back to the land where it’s always winter, but never Christmas, a place of beauty, but deceitful promises of Turkish Delight offered by the witch who entices little boys to her castle. No, we don’t want to stay in forever winter, and certainly not remain in the place controlled by the evil witch. And It’s March, that deceptive Month that promises spring, but can’t seem to deliver.

But God always delivers. Aslan is on the move.  Spring will come. But more than the end of winter, warm days, flowers and green grass, there comes the reminder of that day we call Good Friday when Christ died for our sins, Easter Sunday when Christ was raised from the dead, His ascension with the promise to return, the hope that earth’s winter will end, transformed into the new heaven and the new earth.  That’s the Bible’s story line teased out by Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia. But even better, detailed in the Bible.


P.S. Yes, I’m back!  My blog disappeared a couple of years ago because of billing confusion, lost my formatting, had to start all over. Did a couple of posts last year but the formatting wasn’t right.  Thanks to Ryan, Katie and Joey for helping me get back up.  Old posts are still in archives.  I have a lot more to write about as we live as the people of God in our own culture of winter despair, but filled with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


2 thoughts on “It looks like Narnia out here!

  1. Hey! Great picture! Enjoyed reading about your time with Mattie! We remember reading the Chronicles of Narnia with our girls many moons ago! (Sometimes we got the same response you did!)
    About 65 degrees here today with plenty of sunshine . Everyone would like it a little warmer.


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