Beautiful Words! (Guest Post by John C. Macy)*

“I now pronounce you husband and wife”**  Thomas A. Macy 11-27-82

“It’s a girl.” *** Dr. Good 5-22-84

“It’s a boy.”**** Dr. Wedel   1-15-88

“You are cancer free.”***** Dr. Chris Rupe 7-15-11

 Notes of explanation provided by the blog host:

*John is my youngest brother, five years my junior, the fifth and last child born to Alton and Ruth Macy. As evidenced here, he can say more in four lines than I can in multiple paragraphs or even a few footnotes. But then, he has more time to reflect as he spends the major part of his day in the quiet of a Motor Grader, maintaining the roads of Ottawa County, Kansas.
**my pronouncment of the marriage of John to his wife, Robin. I was privileged to officiate the weddings of my two younger brothers andparticipate in the wedding of my older sister.  John and Robin’s wedding coincided with my 32nd birthday.
***announcing the birth of my niece, Nicole
****announcing the birth of my nephew, Nathaniel
***** Response to the question, “What do I say when people ask me if my wife is cancer free?”  John’s wife, Robin, was treated for breast cancer with a double mastectomy, just three weeks after my wife, Linda, was treated for breast cancer with a single mastectomy. Both women are recovering from surgery and considered to be cancer free.

Thank You Heavenly Father!

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