Super Sunday 2011 (Guest Blogpost by Wesley Andrew Macy)

[My brother, Wesley, lacking his own blog, submits at various times, random musings that I find most enjoyable. For context and a reference point for “near east” and “far east,” the reader should know that this writer hails from Viking country, central Minnesota. Unlike my brother who half heartedly chooses one team over the other, my support is unquestionably for the Packers]

It is a perplexing conundrum for the citizens of our great republic when the annual super festival featuring the two teams most notable for delivering bone jarring, teeth rattling, brain bruising collisions face each other on the field of battle. What great cause inspires such passionate effort? The objective is to move a pointy, oblong spheroid across the field of battle and break an imaginary line for which the successful team is awarded points, varying according to the means of accomplishing this great endeavor. The team most successful, having the highest number of points in the time designated, are rewarded with special prizes and feel very cheerful for a few days. Citizens from the city of the winning team celebrate with a great parade of their heroes; some persons feel so cheerful in the aftermath of the victory that they start riots, set fires to local buildings and flip cars over.

But back to the great contest itself; the average citizen, who wouldn’t skip family weddings and funerals for the privilege of attending the super contest, simply observes the game from the safety of their living room, entering vicariously into the agony and ecstasy of the contest, cheering with great gusto for their favored team. Being on the losing side results in a temporary state of melancholy and fallen countenance. I’ve discovered, however, that this is not a permanent condition. After a night of sleep and a good breakfast, the malaise is remedied and a happy state returns.

Now the conundrum – For which side should the Christian couch potato cheer?

In this year’s contest, both quarterbacks have Bible names (Aaron and Benjamin). Both teams feature players who look like another Bible character – Samson of the long locks (Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews). Both coaches are named after Michael the Archangel (Mike Tomlin and Mike McCarthy). Players on both teams express enthusiasm for the 4th book of Torah, all wearing large numbers on their jerseys. Both teams have monikers that reflect the virtue of the hard-working man, Steelers and Packers. The teams appear to be of equal worth. What about the cities they represent?

I’ve never been to Green Bay – don’t really have any feelings, negative or positive, about the neighbors to the near east. But what about our neighbors in the far east? Pittsburgh! I was there once 40 years ago and thought I wouldn’t get out alive. The drivers on the freeway drove like the Bible character Jehu. They drove like madmen, looking neither to the right nor to the left and seemed to have never heard of the idea of moderation when it came to driving an automobile. On the other hand, Pittsburgh holds a warm spot in my heart due to the very gracious and welcoming relatives I visited there.

Conclusion: I am half-heartedly for Green Bay since Pittsburgh has won the Super Bowl most recently. Furthermore, I thought it might be a kind of poetic justice given the revelation of the off field shenanigans of #4 and #7. But if Pittsburgh wins, I will “rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep” and by the next morning, I’ll be thinking about oatmeal and where I might find a cookie.

Go Steelers! Come Packers!!!

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