The Gospel of Jonah

Jonah stands definitively apart from all the other writing prophets (those whose prophecies are collected in a defined book of the Bible) in that his is the only book of the prophets that is primarily a narrative and is biographical, possibly autobiographical. The closest to Jonah is Hosea, whose marriage is the story behind the prophecy.  But [...]

I've been anticipating all year that when I came to Obadiah, I would have a challenge finding the Gospel.  We won't find specific promises concerning the Messiah or any details of the heart of the Gospel, the death and resurrection of Jesus. So what Good News is to be found in Obadiah? Obadiah is a common [...]

The Gospel of Amos

About forty years ago when I was in seminary, I heard a sermon based on the prophecy of Amos, chapters one and two.    Thus says the Lord, “For three transgressions of Damascus and for four, I will not revoke its punishment, Because they ... Amos 1:3a NASB   This is followed by the specific reason for this judgment on Damascus, the capital of Syria (known also [...]

The Gospel of Joel

Is there "justice for all" in America?  In the aftermath of the Grand Jury investigation in Ferguson, Missouri clearing Officer Darren Wilson of all charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown, that is the unresolved question for many. Unfortunately, the larger issue of inequality in America has clouded this case so that opinions were formed apart [...]

The Gospel of Hosea

We come to the last twelve books of the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures, the section commonly called The Minor Prophets.  But let's clarify. They are "minor" only in length, not in importance.  As I read through these books, I'm still asking the question, "How does this illustrate, prophesy or relate to the Gospel of Jesus [...]

How should followers of Jesus respond to the Ebola crisis? Are Ann Coulter and Donald Trump right that we should stay at home and leave Africa to its own problems because we have enough of our own right here?  Were Kent Brantley and Nancy Whitebol fools to place themselves in harm's way to serve Ebola patients?  Does the [...]

Next up is Daniel in our journey, The Gospel in the Old Testament.  In the history and prophecy of Daniel, we discover one of the most impressive figures in all the Bible. He stands out so much that Ezekiel, his contemporary who was also exiled to Babylon in the second exile of 597 BC, refers [...]

A Monday Prayer

After my reading this morning from Daniel 12 and Psalm 119:48-72, and praying a prayer from The Valley of Vision, with no obvious connection to the previous, my mind latched on to the lyrics of a 200 year old hymn, Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart. The line that surfaced was Wean it from [...]

Following last week's Supreme Court neglect of responsibility which forced states against their will to redefine marriage into meaninglessness, the overwhelming response of the press has not been objective reporting but wild cheer leading, a celebration of equal rights, good for all Americans. Is that reality? Today, I'm not going to dissect all these opinions, [...]

Like his contemporary, Jeremiah, Ezekiel lived and prophesied in the darkest days of the Jewish people, during the siege and destruction of Jerusalem. Unlike Jeremiah, who was in Jerusalem during this time until he eventually ended up in Egypt, Ezekiel's ministry was in Babylon, the capital of Babylonia.  However, through visions, he observed Jerusalem and [...]